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PWC Drive-On Dock

ShorePort is the quickest and most convenient way to dry-dock your jet ski after a long day on the water. Three polyethylene rollers allow you to easily drive onto the ShorePort with a gentle flick of the throttle, and when you’re ready to ride again, simply push off to launch.


Capacity:  1,150 lbs. – 1,450 lbs.*
Length:     138″
Width:       58″
Weight:     260 lbs.
*Standard capacity is 1,150 lbs. additional capacity provided by supplemental flotation in 100 lb increments up to 1,450 lbs.

Technical Features

Each ShorePort is rotationally molded for durability and ease-of-use. The ShorePort structure consists of a polyethylene single cavity, hollow, non-foam filled float structure with an integrated deck surface and float. ShorePort deck surface features a textured walking surface, and hull shaped PWC storage location. Rollers are comprised of polyurethane for durability and smooth operation. ShorePort features a nominal wall thickness of .250 inches.

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