Lighthouse Aluminum Lifts

The Lighthouse selection of lifts offer reliable protection for your boat or PWC with easy operation. Available in Vertical, Cantilever and Pontoon options. Lighthouse is made in Canada and offers an affordable option for your boating needs.

Vertical Lifts

  • Welded Construction

  • Single V-Side Design

  • Available Motorized Operation (Add-On)

  • 60" Rack Travel

  • Available in capacities of 3,500 - 5,500 lbs

  • Rails and Bunks for V-Hulls and Pontoons

  • 5 year warranty on aluminum frames

Pontoon Vertical Lift

  • Allows entry and exit of the water in a simple and safe way

  • Transport wheels, electric winch, solar panel and canopies are all available options


  • Available Motorized Operation Add-On)

  • 60” Rack Travel

  • Available in capacities of 3,500 - 5,500 lbs

  • Bunks, side guides and stainless steel bolts and nuts all included


PWC Vertical Lift

  • Welded Construction

  • Available Motorized Operation (Add-On)

  • 63" inside width, 8' Bed Length

  • Available in capacities of 1,200 lbs

  • Wood Bunks with Vinyl

Lighthouse vertical lift.jpg
Lighthouse PWC vertical with canopy.jpg